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Artificial intelligence

Delivering trusted knowledge with AI


Artificial Intelligence plays a critical role at Thomson Reuters. It is embedded in how we create, enhance, connect, and deliver trusted information to our customers. It powers the products used by professionals around the world.

Since the early 1990s, we have been injecting AI and machine learning into our value creation and delivery stack. The result is comprehensive, accurate, and trusted knowledge and insights that are at the core of how professionals get their jobs done.

AI careers at Thomson Reuters Labs
Thomson Reuters Labs is the dedicated applied research division of Thomson Reuters. We are focused on the research, development, and application of AI and emerging trends in technologies. Working collaboratively with our stakeholders, we experiment, prototype, test, and deliver ideas in the pursuit of smarter and more valuable tools for our customers.

If you're interested in joining Thomson Reuters Labs, please visit our careers page to learn more.

Our AI principles 

Thomson Reuters has drafted the following AI principles to promote trustworthiness in our continuous design, development, and deployment of AI. 

Meet our A.I. experts

Our talented team of scientists, engineers, designers and developers come from diverse backgrounds, are creative problem solvers and dedicated to advancing knowledge work with AI/ML.

Data & Research Science

Our scientists focus on the entire end-to-end workflow throughout the research and development process, coupling advanced technical expertise with the diverse needs of our customers. Exchanging ideas with colleagues to apply novel AI solutions is invaluable to this process.


We apply cutting-edge machine learning research to build solutions for large, open-ended real-world problems. The highlight of my day is working alongside a team of industry experts in the field of NLP and Machine Learning, and working toward delivering AI-enabled capabilities.


Our team of UX experts are focused on how and where to implement human-in-the-loop (HITL) thinking and techniques into the development and adoption of AI-powered systems. I enjoy working on these interesting problems and using design to discover solutions to them.
Thomson Reuters Labs careers

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